We manage bulk inventory at our main base from where we feed sizeable inventory holdings to all our other locations.

This apparently forms an organized network of warehouses powered by our largely customized B2C models. With this arrangement, our distribution centers are efficiently equipped to promptly serve our inherited end-user customers. Our technology investments in safe and easy to sort storage facilities is part of our core warehousing solutions, and to ensure best practices members of our staff are continuously trained in inventory handling. Your delicate, fragile, temperature-sensitive, tiny or bulky wares will receive the best storage experience on their transit through us to your esteemed customers

How it Works

With a good buy-in from you, our customer, our automated processes enable us to fulfill your same-day delivery targets all the time.

Kwikserve uses cloud-hosted order fulfillment and inventory management. Accessibility and tracking are flexible wherever your device is internet-connected. You can also remotely manage orders and inventory via the cloud system. Likewise, barcode scanning is used to ensure accuracy on order pickups.

We offer special rates based on order volume and structure. Companies with low SKU but high order volume have the benefits of our discounted rates. Our business development team is always on hand to discuss this feature. 2-day and next-day deliveries are also open to discounts.

No setup fees, no minimum orders, no account processing fees, no receiving fees (conditions apply).

Real-time inventory insights and automatic notifications on shipment and order receipts are provided. Likewise, automatic email tracking confirmation is available.

Our customers can enjoy 3- weeks free warehousing and return order processing

Our word is our bond and our exceptional relational skills is our customers’ delight. Kwikserve Logistics considers these as very important to our existence

Process of Warehousing

Within 48-hours, our turn-around process time including credits,refunds, new orders is completed. This way we ensure that we keep your customers' trust to pull the cart again.

We do not keep you in the dark regarding why your products may be returned. Adequate data is captured and transmitted to help avert reoccurrence.

Your customers will have real-time data on their product returns without calling your team (tracking, status, etc). We help with data analysis to evaluate your returns to ensure it is within the scope of industry best practices.

You will definitely reduce overall shipping product return costs by letting us handle it for you.