The compelling necessity of order fulfillment and drop shipping in making your business more efficient cannot be overemphasized nowadays

The importance of order fulfillment and drop shipping in making your business more efficient cannot be overemphasized. You definitely need a 3PL company like Kwikserve Logistics to fulfill your business aspirations. Our efficient process includes complete services for receiving, handling and delivering orders to end customers. We rely on a stable, continuously improving platform to manage all orders; its state-of-the-art control panel allows customers to have complete control over their inventory and SKUs, effecting perfect orders.

How it Works

With a good buy-in from you, our customer, our automated processes enable us to fulfill your same-day delivery targets all the time.

Kwikserve uses cloud-hosted order fulfillment and inventory management. Accessibility and tracking are flexible wherever your device is internet-connected. You can also remotely manage orders and inventory via the cloud system. Likewise, barcode scanning is used to ensure accuracy on order pickups.

We offer special rates based on order volume and structure. Companies with low SKU but high order volume have the benefits of our discounted rates. Our business development team is always on hand to discuss this feature. 2-day and next-day deliveries are also open to discounts.

No setup fees, no minimum orders, no account processing fees, no receiving fees (conditions apply).

Real-time inventory insights and automatic notifications on shipment and order receipts are provided. Likewise, automatic email tracking confirmation is available.

Our customers can enjoy 3- weeks free warehousing and return order processing

Our word is our bond and our exceptional relational skills is our customers’ delight. Kwikserve Logistics considers these as very important to our existence

Process of Order Fulfillment

With the help of an API, our interactive cloud-based platform pulls orders from your website with the required information for order fulfillment.

Our automated system uniquely identifies each of the orders making it easy for the process handling personnel to sort the orders. This feature helps us with order tracking and same-day delivery quest.

Quick second round checks are run to ensure we are not missing or mixing anything up. For us, this is as important as the first process. Our shipping method is determined by whatever suits any particular customer, product, and location in terms of speed, safety, and cost-efficiency.